As a visual designer and artist based in Columbus, Ohio, I am deeply committed to storytelling through the creative blending of art and technology. After completing internships in marketing and art education during my high school years, I went on to study fashion at the Columbus College of Art and Design, where I developed a diverse range of skills in various mediums including digital technology, textiles, writing, and more. With particular expertise in Sketchup, Adobe, Figma, WPEngine, and Scrivener, I am constantly seeking new ways to express myself and expand my skills.
In my commercial work, I often focus on real estate development, startups, and small to medium fashion businesses, but I am equally passionate about using my art and design skills to connect with others. Since I was a child, I’ve been deeply influenced by a love of reading and researching everything, and this respect for storytelling carries on to every project I do. In marketing, I learned how much more peoples’ emotions are influenced by stories rather than data. Telling things in a humanizing way can make people empathize with things they normally wouldn’t. With everything I do, I hope to connect others in a way that leaves things better than I found them.
As a freelance visual designer, I have the opportunity to work remotely and travel the world, gathering new experiences and inspiration that inform my work. My travels have had a significant impact on my commercial projects, as I am able to bring a fresh and unique perspective to my projects, incorporating elements of different cultures and styles into my designs. I’ve used research and experiences from Greece to develop the aesthetics for a subdivision in Springfield, Ohio, and used architecture from London to develop the set design for a fashion show, and techniques from Berlin to create a co-living space in Detroit, MI.
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