As a member of Housing Joint Venture, I had the opportunity to be a part of the exciting transformation of the Metropolis warehouse in Detroit, Michigan. Standing at over 60,000 square feet, this property had seen better days, but with hard work and determination, we were able to restore it to its former glory.
The process was a long and challenging one, but I learned so much about real estate development in the city of Detroit along the way. I was able to contribute to the project by conducting research and providing design ideas for the property, using resources such as forums, social media, and in-person events to gather insights from both existing residents and artists moving to the area.
One of my main responsibilities was to help divide the rooms and plan large studio spaces using Revit to accurately measure and visualize the interior. Additionally, I worked to find cost-effective ways to furnish and outfit the interior with amenities that would add value for everyone involved. Lastly, I created print and digital marketing materials and wrote the copy that went along with them. Despite working on a tight budget, we were able to get the operations running smoothly and bring new life to this amazing property.
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