The Metropolis Book was a marketing effort I suggested when we were thinking of out-of-the-box ways to promote the addition of a new steel machine to our construction force. The summary is as followed:
In 2130, the world looks a lot different. After large corporations transform all of the world's land into company towns, all but the ultra-wealthy are preyed upon. A team of resistance members have a plan to change everything--and that plan starts one hundred years in the past.
I collaborated with my team to create a 90-page script that we polished and published online for potential investors. I also designed the front and back cover of the script, using a combination of embroidery and digital painting. The front cover features a tangled web of red threads, a nod to the iconic string board often found in crime thrillers. The threads wrap around the figures on the cover, and when the reader flips to the back cover, the threads are pulled tight to reveal the villain of the story. In addition to the cover design, I created collages for the interior pages that reference news articles mentioned in the story, as well as sketches for the chapter headings

Add in other sketches and turn to grid
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